With the slogan  “Optimal Solutions – Substainable Infrastructure”, LIHANCO herein undertakes to provide the best quality, most reliable consulting services, meeting all of your requirements in a professional, highly responsible and whole-hearted manner.

Investigation, survey and testing

LIHANCO has full equipment and manpower to carry out all survey and investigation activities of project preparation: Traffic surveys; Topographic and hydrological survey; Geotechnical survey, testing mechanical, physical and chemical properties; Surveying, sampling and testing for environmental impact.

Preparing design documents

The main strength of LIHANCO is the design of bridges, tunnels, roads, highways and industrial and civil works, including: Basic design, Detailed design, Preparation of shop drawings, Special design solutions

Preparing development strategies, proposal and planning

Our experts have chaired up transport strategy, proposal and planning for MOT and provinces.

Appraisal services

We provide appraisal services to control the work quality on the current standard system

Construction supervision

Construction supervision also be a LIHANCO’s strength with high position MOT rank list


Preparing and evaluating bidding documents, bids

We provide the services: Preparing bidding documents, evaluation of bids and preparing tenders for Contractors.

Researching, applying, training and advising new technologies

LIHANCO ready to cooperate with partners to research, applications, training and advising of new technologies in investment of infrastructure construction field

Preparing project proposals, reports

One of the main strength of LIHANCO is:preparing proposals, reports (pre-feasibility study, feasibility study, investment projects, environmental impact assessment

Examining and analyzing investment efficiency

Verification and evaluation of reports, design documents and analyzes the efficiency of investment (financial and economic efficiency) for the Clients, Investors and Sponsors